Bottes Wetsuit 5mm - Quebec SUP
Bottes Wetsuit 5mm - Quebec SUP
Bottes Wetsuit 5mm - Quebec SUP
Bottes Wetsuit 5mm - Quebec SUP

5mm Wetsuit Boots

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Bottes Wetsuit 5mm - Quebec SUP

5mm Wetsuit Boots


Don't forget about your little feet! They are the first to come into contact with cold water. Imagine being able to easily tackle colder waters and extend your paddleboarding season by about 3 to 4 months. Well, it's much less complicated than you might think with our eco-friendly wetsuits from the Quebec brand The Wild Tribe.


A wetsuit should fit you like a second skin. It should be well-fitted to leave only a thin layer of water between your body and the suit. This thin layer of water warms up and prevents your body from losing too much heat when you are in the water. If your suit is loose, cold water will seep through, making the suit less effective in keeping you warm.

Technical Specifications:

Specifications: - Neoprene thickness: 5mm - Adjustment strap Components: - High quality eco-responsible & durable limestone-based CR neoprene - Galvanized sole

Integrated Technologies

The main component of neoprene remains chloroprene, but instead of using petroleum-based ingredients, our wetsuit uses calcium carbonate from limestone. The elongation, flexibility, and insulation characteristics of limestone neoprene are identical or superior to those of its predecessor, petroleum-based neoprene, but are much less harmful to the environment 🌱 Our wetsuits are also made from the most advanced rubber technology, namely YAMAMOTO:
YAMAMOTO rubber is a high-quality, warm, and flexible rubber foam made from limestone. It has been used as a wetsuit material by triathletes, swimmers, snorkelers, surfers, spearfishers, and divers worldwide, and also as orthopedic support for humans and animals.