Choose Your Paddle Board With The Paddle Shed

Pourquoi avoir un paddle board gonflable? - Quebec SUP

Why have an inflatable paddle board?

Optimize your paddleboard experience with our guide to the essential advantages of the inflatable paddle...
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Rigide ou Gonflable, Comment Choisir la Meilleure Option - Quebec SUP

Rigid or Inflatable, How to Choose the Best Option

Rigid or Inflatable, How to Choose the Best Option INTENDED USE When it comes to...
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Comment choisir la taille de paddle board gonflable avec Quebec SUP - Quebec SUP

How to choose the size of inflatable paddle board with The Paddle Shed

In this article, the Québec SUP team informs you about paddle board sizes and the...
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1 ou 3 ailerons sur ma planche à pagaie, quelle est la différence ? - PaddleShed/QuebecSUP

1 or 3 fins on my paddle board, what is the difference?

We get this question a lot at our store or in our online chat: But...
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Choisir la forme de votre paddle board gonflable - All-Around ou Touring? - Quebec SUP

Choose the shape of your inflatable paddle board - All-Around or Touring?

In this article, the Quebec SUP team informs you about the difference between the two...
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