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Terrible quality- Do NOT ORDER

I used my board once and it leaked from multiple areas. The company will not replace my board instead they had me ship it back for them to glue it back together. I am blown away that a company can charge 500$ for a product that came with leaks. Instead they offer me 20$ refund to glue it myself or they offered to repair at their shop.
It's now been 2 weeks with no contact or confirmation that they have received my board back and are working on it. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. Gave them 1 star because I had to. 0 star is more accurate.


J’ai ma planche depuis peu, mais je l’adore déjà! Super stable, efficace à gonfler et dégonfler pour la ranger et vraiment belle! Je ne regrette aucunement l’achat!

Sup légèrement arrivé abimé. Acheté au Black Friday, la compagnie n’a rien pu faire lorsque déballé au printemps.

Maligne 11 board//dry back

Great board. Nice and stable. And great customer service throughout the entire process. Tofino dry bag is nice and sturdy and does what it made for keep your stuff dry.

Beautiful board!

Spent quite a few hours on the water this past weekend out camping in the middle of nowhere. Board is very stable and quick to change directions. My husband said he could see me in the distance because of the paddle colours. I even took a sun nap on it. Fast to inflate and deflate. 5 stars!

Sequoia 11

Ordered December 2023, received June 28th, 2024
Took forever to receive but is a distinct improvement over my former board.
Don't have to fight to keep this board tracking straight.
My old board was such a struggle! This board is a pleasure to ride. Sits closer to water, tracks so well, lots of room for my gear and two dogs. Balances really well. I'm standing closer to the middle of the board and feels very stable. Handles waves with no issues, keeps on tracking. Turns easily, responds well. Not a super fast board but moves very well. Wind and waves are no problem I feel in control at all times.

Qualité supérieure

Livraison rapide. Très satisfaite de mon dry bag qui matchera parfaitement avec mon Sequoia 11 🌊🤘🏼


J'adore!! La planche est réellement stable, mais pas moi😅 j'ai tout de même prise mes aises assez rapidement. Encore plus près de l'eau avec un paddle rigide qu'un gonflable🤗 c'est génial 🥰 seul côté négatif que j'ai c'est concernant les élastiques qui d'après moi ne feront pas long feu, mais on pourra facilement les changer le moment venu.
Côté service, rien à dire! J'ai été le chercher directement sur place après m'être assurée qu'il l'avait en stock. On m'a aidé à le mettre sur ma voiture et même à l'attacher 😊

Bonjour Marie-Ève !
Profite bien de l'été ☀️
S'il y a un soucis avec tes élastiques, juste à nous écrire et l'on t'en envoie des nouveaux!
Bonne saison

La vita bella

J’adore cette planche. Elle est super confortable et je me sens en sécurité vu sa largeur. Bien heureuse de mon achat.

Planche répond à toutes mes attentes

Le paddle board fonctionne très bien, je n'ai eu aucune difficulté à le gonfler, ranger et à l'utiliser. Les ailerons permettent d'aller facilement en ligne droite et il est très stable.

Maligne 11 (2024)

I pre-ordered the board on June 4th with the assumption that it would be out for delivery before or on June 10th. June 10th came around and I had not received any notification about the delivery. I followed up with customer service and they explained there were some transportation issues for the new boards arriving at their warehouse. The lack of pro-active communication from customer service was a little frustrating, but I was compensated for it. I finally received the board on June 28th. It's a beautiful board, and it rides well so far. You can see in my video that there is a little indent, by the bottom green part of the footpad, but it's not a big issue for me.

Sequoia 11 Green (2024): Stable 11' Premium Inflatable Paddleboard is great!

Got my board on Friday and did my first paddle on Sunday on the Holland River. We did 11km in heavy wind (gusts over 40KM/hr). It was a really tough cross-wind but I felt completely safe on the Sequoia. Could not stand up a lot as the wind kept knocking me over but I never flipped or fell in. On Monday I did a further 5km at the Rouge National Urban Park. I stood almost the whole way and my friends commented on how comfortable I looked on the board. See pics attached. Really happy with my purchase. If you have a bad sense of balance like I do - this is the board for you!

Naïa 11 (2023): Versatile Touring 11' Premium Inflatable Paddleboard
Renée and Penelope
My dog approves!

I’m a pretty experienced paddler and over the last ten years have had many different boards from isups to race boards. I purchased this board specifically for me and my dog. I wanted something stable and light and Canadian made if possible.

⭐️ Love that it’s so fast to pump up at 15psi!
👎 I only have a small complaint, it’s a bit heavy for me to walk with fully inflated a few blocks but it could be that I am weak too. The other thing is the paddle has white paint which knicks easily. Cosmetic only.

On the water I only cared that it’s stable and isn’t super slow. It was perfect and can’t wait to test out more places.

The kit gives you everything you need and I wanted something quality. Rinsing off and storing you can tell it’s constructed well.

Nettoyant à planche
Quebecsup des produits et un service incomparable

Ma premiere planche de Paddle . J'ai fait confiance a QuebecSup et j’en suis ravi. Un produits formidable et un service hirs pair .

Lindo Noire


Great boots. Only issue is the very generous size. It is almost 2 size big for me. Nevertheless, ankle Velcro holds the foot in place.

Naïa 11 (2023): Versatile Touring 11' Premium Inflatable Paddleboard
Stacy Peck
I’m in love!

I absolutely love this board!!!! Highly recommend if you have issues getting back on a traditional 6” thick inflatable.

Naïa 10 (2023): Versatile Touring 10' Premium Inflatable Paddleboard
Alexa Brooke

Love this board! It’s so stable and light which makes it easy to bring my dog onboard. It is also really easy to inflate and has a lot of neat add on features. Highly recommend!

Livraison rapide

Commandé le mercredi. Le jeudi matin il était livré.

Naïa 11

Superbe. Très bonne qualité
Très hâte de l’essayer !


Ma conjointe et moi avons commandé 2 paddleboard. Nous avons hâte de les essayer ! Juste en les gonflants on peut voir que c’est de la qualité !!


Je viens de recevoir mon Peyto Golden 10' et je suis très satisfaite de mon achat. On peut voir que la planche, ainsi que tous les accessoires sont de très bonne qualité. J'ai également été agréablement surprise par le service à la clientèle hors pair. Je recommande à tous!


Je n'es pas encore eu la chance de la prendre vue que nous sommes encore en hiver. Mais elle est très belle et conforme à la description. De bonne qualité. Accessoires compris et de bonne qualité. Je l'adore et j'ai très hâte de pouvoir en faire. Et j'adore que se soit un produit de chez nous . Je suis pour l'achat local, de plus que la qualité prix est présente. Ma fille l'aime tellement qu'elle regarde pour en commander une elle aussi. J'ai commender en ligne et elle a rentre 4 jours en avance. Je suis vraiment satisfaite. Le sac de transport est grand et loge le tout facilement. Je recommande vivement.